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LSVT trained clinicians offer services to Parkinson's Patients.

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Core Communication Center also provides options for communication which include  Augmentative Alternative Communication consults. 

People of all ages seek care from a Speech Language Pathologist (also called a speech therapist) when they have problems communicating or swallowing. These problems may have existed from birth or resulted from an illness, accident or disease. These issues may impact a person’s self-esteem, motivation, socialization and quality of life.


Speech Therapy can help in the following areas:

  • Speech disorders (difficulty producing speech sounds correctly, slurred speech, drooling, slowed or rapid rate of speech)
  • Language disorders (difficulty understanding language or expressing thoughts) 
  • Voice disorders (abnormal pitch, loudness or quality of voice)
  • Fluency disorders (stuttering, stammering, disorganized prosody)
  • Cognitive communication disorders (difficulty with attention, memory, reasoning, judgment or problem solving - including word finding difficulties)
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication- AAC (other means of communication such as gestures, picture or word boards or speech generating devices)
  • Swallowing disorders - Dysphagia (difficulty in the oral or pharyngeal phase of the swallow process.  Some symptoms include difficulty moving the lips, tongue, palate or coughing/throat clearing during or after the swallow)  

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