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Beyond Play 


Super Duper Publications

Abilitations - sensory, adaptive, AAC

Mayer Johnson

Links for Encouraging Play:

Activities for Encouraging Speech & Language Development (birth - 6 years)  ASHA - Play Resources

Crayola - Free coloring pages

ASHA - Early Detection of a Language Disorder


The Stuttering Foundation - Stuttering Resources

Developmental Milestons for Feeding

Developmental Norms for Speech and Language

Hearing Loss

Harris Communication - products for deaf and hard of hearing

Family Sign Language Program - home sign language segments

MCDHH - Mass Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing


HMEA's Autism Resource Central


ASHA - What is CAS

Apraxia Kids-  (CAS Association of North America)

Feeding & Swallowing -

Developmental Norms for Feeding


Fun and Function- Sensory, chewey tubes

Sensory Processing Disorder SPD Foundation